Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many things regarding our products and on this page we have tried to give you some pointers as to making a decision about which product would be most suitable for you and answers to our most frequently asked questions.




1. How much is carriage?


Carriage is either £10 or £25 inclusive of VAT - depending on the weight of the order - to a UK Mainland address excluding Ireland, Islands and Highlands. For a full list of exclusions, please see our terms and condtions.


2. Do you have finance options available?


Unfortunately, finance is not an option that we offer to either personal or business users.


3. How do I go about getting a quotation for printing on my pop up gazebo?


If you would like to purchase a pop up gazebo with printing, then please call us on 01283 510570 to discuss your requirements. We would also need to see the artwork, that you have in mind, to be able to pick the best print process. Artwork should be emailed to and we will then return a quote for you. We can also provide layouts once the gazebo has been ordered.


4. Can you print onto my existing pop up gazebo covers?


Unfortunately, we cannot print on to used covers, regardless of how many times they have been used. When using our in-house heat transfer process, we need to have a clean, grease free surface to work with and once the covers have been used they are subject to environmental pollutants, finger prints and rain and we can then no longer guarantee the integrity of the print.
5. Which instant pop up gazebo should I choose?


The choice of pop up gazebo depends on what you want to use it for and your budget restrictions.
The Commercial  range of canopies is great for those traders wishing to have cover on an occasional basis such as car boots. They are not designed for use day in and day out. Available with standard covers.

The Professional is a lightweight easy to use canopy, which is mid way between the Commercial and the Premium in strength and durability. Available with standard or heavy duty covers.

The Premium is a strong and robust canopy that can be used in any situation. Although one person can put the 3M x 3M canopy up on their own, it is always advisable to have two or more helping as these canopies are heavy in comparison to others, but that is due to maintaining the strength and durability of the structure. Available with standard or heavy duty covers.

6. What size do the canopies pack down to?
Height wise the canopies pack down to a size of roughly 5' - 5' 6" and a width and breadth that varies from 12" x 12" to about 18" x 18". All our ranges of canopies come in a wheeled carry bag. 
7. Do I need any tools for assembly?
No assembly tools are required. The first time the structure is used, you will be required to put the roof on, but once on the roof cover stays on.
8. Are you able to provide all spare parts?
All spare parts are available to order from nuts and bolts to gazebo legs and cross bars.


9. How do I erect and care for my gazebo purchase?


You can find erection instructions for our gazebos and care instructions by following the links.